David was born in Oxford, England, in 1973. During his childhood his family moved first to Dorset and then to Thurso in Caithness, where he lived between ages 10 and 18 and went to school.

He read psychology at Oxford University, an arbitrary choice of subject made hastily at 17 and perhaps something of a pattern. After a few years in psychiatry research and Manchester, David stumbled into IT in search of a way out. He ended up in software integration and error management, and for 3 months in 2005 knew of a simple way to kill every Nokia Series 40 colour phone in the world.

David’s (very 2000s) plan behind returning part-time to university to study architectural technology was to set up in Galicia, northern Spain, restoring old farmhouses for foreign buyers. When Nokia death-spiralled in 2012 he went for it. Just as it was getting going, Brexit nobbled the whole idea.

In 2017, getting kind of desperate, David asked a publisher acquaintance if he needed any proof reading doing. “If you want, but it’s awfully dull stuff,” came the reply. “Why not give editing a bash?” So he did, and it was a fit.

Soon, unsurprisingly, he started itching to try a bit of writing himself…

David lives with his wife Anna and their two sons near the Galician town of Pontedeume. On lucky days he spots dolphins from his study window.

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